Studia Informatica Pomerania
Autor: Agnieszka Zalewska-Bochenko 145
Strony: 145-156
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E-government as a factor facilitating the development of the information society in the Eastern Poland

Electronic government (e-government) is a part of the information society. Easy access to the administrative services promotes development of the information society as a whole. The financial perspective of the European Union for 2007–2013 emphasizes assisting actions aimed at improvement of administration effectiveness through implementing electronic services. This way of administrative services are faster and more cost effective than the traditional one.
The regions of the Eastern Poland are considered as ones the poorest regions in Poland and in the EU, and also characterized by low population. These factors affect access to the Internet hence obstruct the access to the e-services. Private companies are reluctant to provide Internet services in such regions as it would bring low or no profit. In order to neutralise the factors obstructing the development of e-administration, the actions aimed at increasing the access to the Internet and e-administration services for the inhabitants of the Eastern Poland have been included in the Eastern Poland Operation Program 2007-2013 and regional operating programs in 5 regions of Eastern Poland. Moreover, the Polish government introduced the Public Administration Services E‑platform on 9th June 2011 which will make dealing with administration much easier.
Keywords: e-govemment, information society, Eastern Poland, public administration, Internet