Studia Informatica Pomerania
Autor: Jacek Unold 135
Strony: 135-144
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Ways of Effective data Management in the second Generation of WWW

This article presents an outline of a strategy of an effective management of data in cyberspace in the era of Web 2.0. The basic rules for the utilization of hard-to-get and unique data are presented and the architecture of participation, one of the leading catchphrases of Web 2.0 is discussed. This concept allows for the integration of cyberspace data. The practical applications introduced by and helped illustrate the pattern of "Data as the Next Intel Inside", another leading idea of the second incarnation of the WWW. Last but not least, the five identified strategies allowed to refer to the issue of data ownership in contemporary cyberspace.
Keywords: Web 2.0, data management strategy, architecture of participation, data integration, unique data.