Studia Informatica Pomerania
Autor: Zbigniew Frąckiewicz, Franciszek Marecki 221
Strony: 221-229
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The paper hereby emphasizes the estimation test of possibilities which is given by the modern information tool in the form of the Internet which is used to carry out elections of authorities in the state university by the adequate bodies i.e. election panels as well as to carry out the election campaign of the candidates for elected functions which are nominated in such elections. Ethical and law aspects of the problem of the academic society service are mentioned which means Internet sites of universities and departments. This problem concerns all universities in Poland, both public and private ones. The academic society have to discuss the problem whether information about candidates for elected functions in the state university, especially for functions of the rector and dean are their own matter or it ought to be public information. The question must be answered whether information about such candidates should be presented in the main Internet site of the university and adequately in sites of departments or in the staff’s sites or candidates’ personal sites. Moreover, it is necessary to answer the question whether the information about the existence of the candidate’s site should be available for all interested persons in the main university site as well department sites or only for the staff by means of the staff service – the Intranet. The second discussed problem is independence and transparency of elections carried out by election panels, i.e. the use of the possibilities of the Internet to inform the interested members of the public about elections, candidates and election results.