Studia Informatica Pomerania
Autor: Małgorzata Gierwazik, Krzysztof Martyniak 231
Strony: 231-238
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E-cemeteries have many faces. On the one hand, there are areas, which are the virtual presentation of an actual necropolia. These are websites of more and less know burial grounds. In Poland, virtual necropolia presentation just have started gaining followers. While browsing internet libraries you can find object with visual structure, movies or postcards from all over the world. Internet so deeply infl icts on reality, that there are necropolia websites, where there’s a possibility to light a virtual candle and order someone to clean the real gravestone. You can find directions how to donate necropolia on its website. The boundary between real-world cemetery and the online one blurs. The other area – is a brand new, virtual cemetery space. We can find places here, that allow you to choose virtual burial ground, gravestone – from multiple patterns and shapes, and insert portrait of deceased or saying few words about him/her. Besides, services offered by those websites have much bigger range.