Studia Informatica Pomerania
Autor: Jerzy Wąchol 155
Strony: 155-165
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The study presents the chosen modern instruments of management (the conceptions, models, method, technique and tools) for aid decision processes. The weight of instruments of management to improving management was underlined in this refer.

However for effective management, for good decision process and solving problems is necessary suitable choosing and utilization of instruments of management in time place and situation. Use of these technologies in frames of globalization process and corporate governance in companies creates the new challenges and new possibilities.

The audit and control over companies by owners, shareholders and stakeholders is fuller, and the meeting, the votes can be to hold with electronic road also. The study contains also, the statstical counted relating data of saturation the computer technologies in the different societies and also the relating the corporate governance and codes of good practices data published in Internet.