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Master's degree studies in Public Management provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management sciences and related sciences dealing with the substance, principles and problems concerning the functioning of the entities from the public, social and non-profit sector. These studies develop competencies needed to undertake work on specialist and managerial positions in the units of state and local government at various levels, non-governmental organizations, all types of associations and foundations aimed at promoting education and shaping the image of the city or region. They also give a good foundation to independently conduct research and prepare to embark on the third degree studies.
During the second year of studies in Public Management there are several thematic modules which can be chosen by students according to their preferences. It enables students to choose their own paths of study, which is in line with the conception of individualized education. The education program emphasizes the practical aspect of studying by integrating it with apprenticeships in institutions and public sector organizations, which are planned to be taken by the students during the third semester, on one chosen weekday.

The Public Management graduate has the knowledge and skills in the following fields:
  • analysis of processes related to the functioning of public sector organizations;
  • application of modern management methods aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization;
  • skills of effective public management based on the best management practices;
  • utilizing instruments used in the management of public sector organizations;
  • establishing cooperation between public administration and the environment.
Education offered in this area of study fosters the development of active attitudes in the sphere of individual and team work, encourages creativity, develops the ability to constructively present individual opinions, and the fact the lectures are conducted in English assures a good knowledge of specialized vocabulary of management. During the studies the students are offered a preparation course for an exam in English at B2 level, with the possibility of obtaining a (free of charge) certificate, which is acknowledged in the qualification procedure in the civil service.


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