On October 1, 2019, the Faculty changed its name to the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management.
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Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych
i Zarządzania
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Economics and IT Applications program was developed in a unique way. There are no strictly defined specialties – it was replaced by introduction of specialties modules, which can be chosen by students. It enables Student to create their own individual paths of study, which seems to be particularly important as a practical example of individualized education. The education program puts the emphasis on the practical aspect of education through laboratories based on computer applications in business.

The specialization of Economics and IT Applications assumes the education of professionals, whose responsibilities will include ability to manage, control and monitor activities of company or other organization as well as the identification and selection of appropriate computer tools to support these activities. This unique combination will create a kind of intermediary between business requirements focusing on graduate abilities in market analysis conducting that is supported by statistical and econometric methods, and computer systems (providers) offered on the world IT market.

Graduates will have the theoretical and practical skills in using formal methods of quantitative analysis as well as useful IT techniques in support of the organization.

Graduate of the 1st degree of Economics and IT Applications will be able to act as middle and high-level management, independent analyst or be a member of any team improving the functioning of the organization through the implementation of information technology and using statistical and econometric methods.

Graduates of Economics and IT Applications are expected to be employed in various companies (in terms of size and industry) and institutions all over the world as independent data analysts, specialists in the domain of the selection of appropriate computer tools to support the business, and managers at all management levels.

Specialization promotes creating own companies by graduates providing services such as consulting and analysis in the domain of data collection and processing in organization or audit and selection of proper information system for organization.

Graduates will be able to continue studies on the Master degree in Public Management, enabling them to expand their knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of public administration and management.

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